Pet Rusty-Spotted Cats | Should You Really Own One?!

Having a pet rusty-spotted cat sounds like a no-brainer. They are the smallest (and cutest, in my opinion) cats on the planet, only growing to a length between 14 to 20 inches (35 to 51 cm), not including their tail – and weighing less than 4 pounds (1.8 kg) as adults.

Since they are the smallest cat breed, people might assume they make good pets, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Let’s take a look at the legal aspects and whether a pet rusty-spotted cat is right for you!

Can You Own a Rusty-Spotted Cat?

Owning a rusty-spotted cat as a pet is legal in some places, but this small cat breed is rare and isn’t found in many homes as pets.

Having a rusty-spotted cat as a pet can be difficult since they are not normally found in domestic environments. Let’s break down where rusty-spotted cats are legal as pets.

Can You Own a Pet Rusty-Spotted Cat?

Can You Have a Pet Rusty-Spotted Cat in The United States (U.S.)?

Having a rusty-spotted cat as a pet in the U.S. isn’t entirely illegal. In California, it is possible to keep a rusty-spotted cat as a pet with a valid permit.

Other states where it is legal to keep a pet rusty-spotted cat include Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, and Washington (which may require permits).

No matter which state you live in, you need to find the information on exotic pet laws in your area and determine if having a pet rusty-spotted cat is legal for you.

It would not be ideal to go through all legislation in all the states, counties, and cities found within the United States and list them here. It is best to check with your local wildlife officials and go from there.

Can You Have a Pet Rusty-Spotted Cat in Canada?

Many exotic animals are either banned or restricted as pets in most of Canada. When reviewing the legislation for BC, I didn’t find any mention of rusty-spotted cats on the ban list, but the list doesn’t encompass all of the possible exotic pets you can own.

Also, different provinces have different regulations in regard to exotic animals.

Check with your province officials and local government to determine if owning a rusty-spotted cat as a pet is legal in your area.

Can You Have a Rusty-Spotted Cat as a Pet in Australia?

While it is legal to import cats and dogs of various breeds into Australia, it doesn’t appear that rusty-spotted cats are on the list of exceptions because they are not from an approved import country.

Since rusty-spotted cats aren’t native to Australia and are found mainly in India, it is illegal to own a rusty-spotted cat as a pet in Australia.

Can You Have a Rusty-Spotted Cat as a Pet in The United Kingdom (UK)?

According to sources, owning a rusty-spotted cat as a pet in the UK is legal. As it pertains to The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, rusty-spotted cats are an exception and are allowed as pets in the United Kingdom.

However, this may be different depending on where you live and what local laws are in place regarding owning exotic animals as pets.

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Good Pets?

Owning a rusty-spotted cat as a pet seems to have mixed reviews from pet owners. Some state that they are not easily domesticated while others state they had no problems training and domesticating their pet rusty-spotted cat.

Based on my research, rusty-spotted cats are more easily domesticated than many other wild cat species. However, wild animals are wild and you shouldn’t get a rusty-spotted cat as a pet unless you can verify where it came from and what its background is.

To provide more detailed information, I’ve answered common questions pet owners have asked about rusty-spotted cats. Let’s get into them now!

Rusty-Spotted Cat Behavior and Temperament

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Affectionate?

Pet owners of rusty-spotted cats swear that these small cats can be very affectionate, playful, and loveable.

However, pet owners will experience different types of temperaments with their pets depending on many factors, including the individuality of their particular pet. But the majority claim that these little cats are a good fit for domestication.

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Aggressive?

In the wild, rusty-spotted cats are aggressive. You can’t just go up to one in the wild and start petting and loving on it. These are wild animals no matter how cute and adorable they look.

Rusty-spotted cats as pets don’t carry the same amount of aggression if they are properly tame and domesticated, but there is no guarantee one way or the other.

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Dangerous?

Due to their size, rusty-spotted cats are not dangerous to humans. Well, no more dangerous than any other small cat. However, since they are very small, they don’t pose a real threat to hurt you (other than scratches and bites).

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Domesticated?

Rusty-spotted cats can be domesticated with the proper training, in the appropriate environment, and with the proper care.

It will take patience and the right skills and knowledge, but it is possible if you get a rusty-spotted cat at an early stage of its life.

It is highly unlikely you would be able to take one from the wild and domesticate it, but if you find a reputable breeder that has followed the correct procedures, having a domesticated rusty-spotted cat is a possibility.

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Friendly?

Rusty-spotted cats that have been raised in a domestic setting can be friendly to humans.

More or less, they will act similarly to other domestic cat breeds (assuming they are properly tame and domesticated).

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Intelligent?

Rusty-spotted cats are highly intelligent cats. Don’t let their small size fool you as they are smart and are just as capable (if not more) of figuring things comparable to many other small cat species.

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Solitary?

Rusty-spotted cats are solitary animals. You will only find two together while mating and that encounter is usually brief before they go back to living their solitary life in the wild.

Are Rusty-Spotted Cats Territorial?

Rusty-spotted cats are territorial animals. You will only find one male in a given territory while you may see a few females in that same territory.

Territories don’t typically mix between male cats. Territories are marked by spraying urine, which doesn’t sound like the best option for a household pet.

Thankfully, they are small so the cleanup wouldn’t be too bad. 🙂

Pet Rusty-Spotted Cat Cost to Own

How Much Do Rusty-Spotted Cats Cost?

Average prices for rusty-spotted cats range between $1,500 to $5,000. However, some have been reportedly sold for as high as $20,000 in certain instances.

The cost will depend on many factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • Availability
  • Market inflation
  • Age of the cat
  • Gender of the cat

These are only a few factors that affect the price of a rusty-spotted cat. To determine the average price in your area, you will need to find an exotic pet dealer that focuses on exotic cats.

Where Can I Buy a Rusty-Spotted Cat?

Rusty-spotted cats won’t be easy to find if you are looking to purchase one as a pet.

After extensive research and speaking with different breeders, there aren’t many of these cats on the market.

Rusty-Spotted Cats for Sale

Unfortunately, there are no known breeders that sell rusty-spotted cats online that can be easily accessible.

You will need to check with your local breeders or contact a breeder who deals specifically with selling exotic cats.

You may even be able to find breeder auctions with rusty-spotted cats for sale in your area or a breeder close by that puts them up for auction.

However, don’t be surprised if you can’t find one for sale. They aren’t listed on the market very often.

Adopt a Rusty-Spotted Cat

You won’t find rusty-spotted cats up for adoption. These cats are rare and there are currently no adoption agencies that I found that deal with rusty-spotted cats.

However, you may be interested in adopting a rusty-spotted cat in a symbolic manner, meaning that you help support one in the wild or at a sanctuary.

If you are interested in symbolic adoption, you can check out Big Cat Sanctuary for more info about symbolic adoptions.


Now that you’ve learned whether you can have a pet rusty-spotted cat, are you going to try to find one for sale?

Personally, I would love to have a rusty-spotted cat as a pet, but I understand that you can only get what is available and affordable. But, I am more of a bird and dog person anyway.

I hope this article answered your questions or just helped entertain you throughout your day. I sometimes wonder if people reading these articles are just bored or are really serious about getting one of these animals as an exotic pet.

Either way, I do my best to give you the most detailed and up-to-date information about what exotic pets can be owned and which ones are illegal.

Nothing more to dive into for now, but if you like reading about cats, you can check out more articles in the cat section of our website by clicking here.

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