Do Lions Live in the Jungle? Are Lions Kings or Is It Myth?

Lions are known as kings of the jungle so that must mean that lions live in the jungle right? Well, no not really!

Lions live in a variety of different biomes that include savannas, grasslands, deserts, open plains, thick and dense brush, some forests, and more.

Notice, I did not mention that lions live in the jungle. Although some people label forests and jungles as the same, there are some distinct differences that distinguish them apart from each other.

In relation to biomes – discussing forests and jungles as separate biomes can be debatable, but for the purpose of this article, the two have different meanings.

There is a reason I didn’t mention that “lions live in the jungle” when going over biomes, so let’s discuss why!

Do Lions Live in the Jungle?

It is mostly a myth that lions live in the jungle. Lions do not live in the jungle for many reasons.

Although lions have been given the title of “King of the Jungle”, this is simply not true. While lions may be spotted in the jungle from time to time, they do not call the jungle their home.

Lions can adapt to live in many different environments and some may be encountered in the jungle, but lions are most effective in open plains and grasslands where it is easier for them to hunt.

Jungles are typically very dense and don’t allow enough open space for roaming and hunting effectively.

More open space allows lions more visibility and the savanna provides more food opportunities for lions than they would be able to find or see in the jungle.

Since prey is more bountiful in the savanna, lions live where they are more likely to snag a meal, and open plains provide more opportunities for prey.

Why Are Lions Called King of the Jungle?

Can Lions Live in the Jungle?

While lions may be spotted in the jungle, lions can not live in the jungle because it is far too dense for hunting and roaming with no open space to catch prey effectively.

Lions need the open space because they rely on catching their prey through stealth and concealment but also need to charge their prey when they are ready to pounce.

Open spaces allow lions to catch their prey more easily because there are fewer obstacles for lions to maneuver and fewer spaces for their prey to get away.

Jungles provide more obstacles and make it harder for lions to hunt. Jungles also provide less prey for lions than open environments, so it just makes more sense for lions to hunt in grasslands and open plains where food is more plentiful.

Why Don’t Lions Live in the Jungle?

Lions don’t live in the jungle because the jungle environment doesn’t provide enough resources for lions to be able to sustain their quality of life.

Lions are most effective hunters on the plains and rely on being able to spot and track their prey while also being stealthy and waiting until the last second to make a move.

Jungles provide cover and concealment for prey and make it much harder for lions to hunt successfully.

In the jungle, lions would need to adapt their hunting style because what works on the plains won’t be as successful in an environment full of thick, dense brush and trees.

Lions are big and need a lot of energy for hunting and roaming. Plus, lions travel in groups called “prides”. So, there are a decent amount of mouths to feed.

Due to having more mouths to feed and being one of the bigger cat species on the planet, lions need big prey to sustain their needs. Sure, they will feast on smaller prey such as birds, rodents, and lizards, but this is not their ideal prey.

Most big prey that lions prefer are found in the open plains and grasslands. Some of this prey includes antelopes, wildebeests, gazelles, and zebras – which are mostly found in the open plains.

Because of the amount of food lions need and the environments of the jungle, lions don’t live in the jungle because it just isn’t ideal for their way of living and hunting.

Do Lions Live in the Jungle?

Did Lions Live in the Jungle in the Past?

There is no evidence of lions ever living and frequenting the jungle on a permanent basis. Lions have been spotted in the jungle, but this is most likely just a coincidence that they just happen to be seen as passing through the jungle to reach another destination.

That is not to say that no lions live in the jungle. There are always acceptions to most things and this would likely be no different.

It is possible that an outcast lion or an injured lion may flock to the jungle because it does provide more concealment and may be easier to sneak up on prey. But this is not the environment a pride of lions would be most successful in.

Due to this, there isn’t much evidence to support lions ever living in the jungle in a permanent type of setting.

Why Are Lions Called King of the Jungle?

Lions are given the title of “King of the Jungle”, but lions are neither kings nor do they habitat jungles. Lions are apex predators and have no true predators themselves.

Lion cubs are most vulnerable and can be snatched by hyenas and wild dogs on occasion, but lions are mostly untouchable when it comes to the hierarchy in the circle of life in the animal kingdom.

Being at the top of the food chain kind of makes them a king in a sense, but The Lion King movies have lied to you and made this title more believable and widespread.

In reality, lions are on top but are not kings and it is false to say that lions live in the jungle. Lions are just known for this title because of how we have portrayed and sensationalized them in the media, movies, and shows.

Can Lions Live in the Jungle?


In this article, you should have learned that lions don’t live in the jungle and why. As discussed, open plains and grasslands provide more opportunities for lions to catch prey in a successful manner.

In the jungle, there are more obstacles for lions to overcome, no open plains for charging their prey, and it just isn’t the ideal environment for their style of hunting.

It doesn’t appear as though lions ever lived in the jungle on a permanent basis. Lions thrive in an open environment that suits their style of hunting where they can see and sneak up on their prey from a good distance away.

Jungles provide too much cover for prey to allow lions to hunt successfully over and over again.

Although lions are given the title of king of the jungle, they are not really kings and don’t live in the jungle. So this title is very misleading.

Lions are apex predators and sit at the top of the food chain with no real predators coming for them, but that doesn’t make them king as there is no hierarchy in the animal kingdom that fits this title.

In closing, the myth that lions live in the jungle is just that, a myth or an anomaly.

While lions are the true apex predators and thrive in the environments in which they live (grasslands, open plains, savannas, etc.), they are just another animal trying to find their way in the jungle with no true abilities or opportunities to thrive there.

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