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Hi, I’m Edd!

Nice to meet you! I’m the Head Content Writer here at AlottaPets.com. I’m so happy to be able to write about animals. I’ve always enjoyed having pets and I’ve been fascinated with learning about all animals found around the world, both pets and wild animals.

My family and I have enjoyed owning and interacting with many animals over the years including cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, birds (parakeets and cockatiels), turtles, guinea pigs, and more.

I really enjoy writing articles about animals and bringing you valuable information to help answer your questions and give you guidance about your pets and all animals.

I’ve been writing pet and animal articles for over three years now.

I know a lot about pets and animals, but if I am writing an article about a specific animal that I’ve never had as a pet, I make it a point to research and research until I’m satisfied that I know everything about the subject I’m researching.

I don’t stop researching and learning until I’m certain that I can give you the most valuable information and answers you seek about your pets and animals, even if I’ve never owned that specific type of animal as a pet before.

However, as I said, my family and I have owned many different types of pets over the years.

Pictures of Our Pets

Meet some of our pets from the past and present!

Meet Lily

Lily - The Chihuahua

Meet Scamp

Scamp - The Dog

Meet Sam & Dean

Sam & Dean - The Cockatiels

Meet Cece & Charlie

CeCe & Charlie - The Bunnies

Meet Claire

Claire - The Cat

Meet Lil Buddy & Loki

Lil Buddy (Turtle) & Loki (Ferret)

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Thank you again! I hope you enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing it!

I am constantly posting new articles about pets and animals in general. Please feel free to keep checking back and help us out by continuing to support us and reading more articles.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

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