Do Pugs Get Along With Cats? Purr-fect Match? The Pug-nosis!

Do pugs get along with cats? Featured

Pugs are a lot in a little package. Although they are small dogs, they make up for it in love, affection, and energy. They are grouped in the toy category for dogs and only weigh about 14 to 18 pounds with a height of around 10 to 13 inches.

Pugs are fun dogs to be around and own as a pet, but are they compatible with other pets, such as cats?

Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?

Yes, pugs can get along with cats. Pugs are small, loving dogs that will not intimidate your cat. To get your cat and pug to get along, introduce them slowly and carefully until they are comfortable with each other.

Following simple techniques and tips will ensure your two pets get along nicely.

Pugs are easier to introduce to cats than most other dogs because of their loving nature and their size, but any new introduction should be handled with patience and care.

Continue reading to learn more about your pug and cat relationship to find out what you can do to ensure your new pet has a smooth transition into their new family.

Pug History

One of my friends had a pug a while back. I remember her pug very well. I forget what her pug’s name was, but I do remember that she would always run up to me and put her head down next to my feet while wagging that cute little curled tail of hers whenever I would visit.

I would describe what she looks like but the picture above actually looks a lot like her. So there you go, now you know what she looks like. That’s my pug story.

I would love to hear about your stories with your pugs and cats in the comments below.

Pugs are believed to be a breed from earlier dogs in China around 400-200 B.C.

These dogs were originally bred to be a part of families that were rulers over China.

They were bred to be companion dogs. They were greatly valued to the point that they were deemed to be royal dogs and had soldiers protecting them.

The pug breed eventually spread to other parts of Asia and was no longer exclusive to China. Now you may notice that you can find them in most parts of the world.

Why Pug Size Matters With a Cat

There are a few perks of pugs being small dogs. YES! They are super adorable and cute! But that isn’t one of the perks I’m referring to.

Since your pug is a small dog, your dog will seem less intimidating to your cat. Bigger dogs are, well…bigger. So, they seem more intimidating whether they are or not.

Not only will your pug seem less intimidating to your cat it is also small enough that it won’t be able to reach the cat when the cat decides it has had enough of your pug and gets to higher ground.

Do pugs get along with cats? Pug Blanket

Pugs Don’t Know How To Be Predators

Pugs do not possess that predator instinct that you see in many other dogs. Due to the way pugs have been bred, they no longer have the instinct to hunt.

Your pug will have no desire to attack the cat. If anything, your pug will want to play with your cat and be best friends.

Your cat may not find this amusing, but should eventually get used to your pug and its affection and love. Your cat will probably never like all that pug love in its space, but it will eventually learn how to deal with your pug.

How to Introduce Cats & Pugs for the First Time

When introducing your cat to your pug for the first time, your cat needs to be on a higher level surface, preferably a table or something of a similar height. This will help keep your cat calm and help it feel safer.

When introducing your pug to your cat, your pug should be restrained on a leash or something similar.

The introduction should be slow and easy. if you feel that one or the other is starting to tense up, back off and give them a little space. Then try it again later.

The goal is to make the introduction easy, slow, and peaceful. Let them sniff each other and get used to each other.

Once they’ve made the introduction and everything is good, don’t forget to give your pug a treat for doing such a good job.

Do Pugs get along with Cats? PuppyPug Puppies Have Lots of Energy

Pug puppies especially have loads of energy. If your cat has never been around dogs before, it may be a little frightened by your pug puppy if the puppy runs up on it quickly.

We don’t want your puppy to get scratched or hurt. There’s not much you can do about your puppy’s energy except tire him or her out.

As for your cat, you can have high spots in each room where your cat can go to feel safe and to get away from your pug.


Training for Your Pug

If you can train your pug or get your pug trained, that would help with having your pug and your cat live together with the least amount of problems between the two.

Cats can’t be trained as easily as dogs when it comes to obedience, but training for your pug will help keep everything calm and in order.

It doesn’t have to be intense training or anything like that. A simple command such as “stop” will do the trick. You will want to know a command like that so you can get your pug’s attention and get them to stop doing whatever it is that they aren’t supposed to be doing.

This command will help if your pug is causing too many issues with your cat and you want them to stop before things escalate with your cat.

Playtime for Your Pup Pug

Ensure you get plenty of playtime in with your pug to expend all the energy the little cutie wants to get out, especially if your pug is younger and more full of energy.

Tiring out your pug with walks and playtime will ensure that your pug doesn’t expend all that energy trying to play with your cat and get it upset.

Don’t Forget the Cat’s Attention

Most cats don’t require attention as much as dogs do. Many cats will decide when they want attention, whereas, most dogs will be ready to play and get attention whenever you are.

Cats do what they want on their time, not ours. But, cats still need love and attention even if they refuse it. It can be easy to give your new pug all the attention and not provide enough attention to your cat.

If your cat is new instead, ensure you are showing your pug enough attention and not focusing all of it on your new cat. This usually won’t be a problem but one or the other may get jealous at some point if they aren’t getting enough attention.

Will the Cat & Pug Be Dinner Mates?

It isn’t best to feed your cat and pug in the same location. Keep their dinner bowls in separate areas and keep your cat’s bowl in a higher spot where your pug can’t reach it to avoid them eating the cat food.

This will help keep any conflict between your pug and cat to a minimum during feeding time and other times throughout the day.

Although pugs aren’t the predator or even aggressive types, there is still potential conflict with any animals when it comes to feeding time.

Keeping their food areas separate and on different levels of surfaces will provide a better environment for the cat and should help your two pets get along better.

Things You Didn’t Know About Pugs

  • Pugs were recognized as a breed in 1885 by the AKC along with 14 other dog breeds.
  • Pugs are one of the oldest known dog breeds dating back to around 400 B.C.
  • Pugs were Buddhists (sort of). Pugs were pets of Buddhist monasteries in Tibet in earlier days.
  • A pug had the job of a pigeon. The wife of Napoleon, Josephine, used her pet pug named “Fortune” to deliver secret messages to her husband while she was imprisoned.
  • Pugs have basic similarities to the Pekingese breed.
  • The Pug name likely comes from the dog’s facial expression, which is similar to the facial expressions of marmoset monkeys. Marmoset monkeys were popular pets in the 1700s and were also known as pugs.


Final Thoughts

Pugs and cats can get along nicely as long as patience and care are involved.

With any new addition to the family, it can be difficult to predict what is going to happen.

There is never a guarantee that two pets will get along, but based on the pug’s loving and affectionate nature, it is a good bet that these pets will be fine together after getting familiar with each other.

To summarize, yes your new pet can get along with your existing pet. Just take the time, care, patience, and love to get these two pets to be best friends for life.

It will be rewarding for you and rewarding for them to have a nice relationship that will carry on the rest of their lives.

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