Do Birds Dream? Do Birds Have Nightmares?


Do Birds Dream?

According to scientific studies, birds do dream. In fact, studies suggest that animals have complex dreams and are able to recall some of their real-life events while they are dreaming.

Animals follow a similar sequence in their sleep pattern as humans do.


The studies were done by monitoring brain activities in these animals while they were asleep.

Rats that were observed in one study showed similar brain patterns of activities while they were awake compared to while they were asleep.

The rat’s brain patterns were recorded doing daily activities and then compared to the rat’s brain patterns as it was asleep and dreaming.

The results showed the same or similar patterns in brain activity while the rats were awake and asleep.

The study concluded that animals must be dreaming about activities they were a part of while they were awake.

While this particular study didn’t include birds, I’ve asked many bird owners if they believe their birds have dreams while they are asleep and many of them do recall their birds having dreams or what they would consider a dream.

Most of them will recall the bird’s eyes moving while their eyelids are closed and while they are asleep.

I’m no expert on sleep studies and dreaming, but to me, that is a good indication that birds dream.

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What Do Birds Dream About?

Studies suggest that most likely birds dream about activities they would be participating in if they were awake, such as flying or eating.

Birds may dream differently than rats and other animals, so please take all this with a grain of salt since we can’t really ask the birds what they are dreaming about and are mainly speculating.

But studies show that they are likely dreaming about something and I believe I’ve seen our birds dreaming, so I’m on board with the theory.

If you think your bird dreams, what do you think your bird is dreaming about?

Studies show that birds are likely dreaming about eating or flying or maybe even singing since they would be dreaming about something they did while they were awake.

Do Birds Dream About Singing?

If birds dream about activities they were a part of while they were awake, then some birds dream about singing.

Researchers suggest that animals dream about or “rehearse” things they’ve learned while they were awake during the day to help them do it better when they try again the next day.

If this is true and you have a singing bird, your bird is likely dreaming about singing so it can perform a better song for your ears the next day.

Do Birds Have Nightmares?

Do you think your bird has nightmares or night frights? Not even sure what I’m talking about?

Some pet bird owners have reported that their birds just start going crazy in the middle of the night at times. There is nothing around the bird’s cage to disturb it but the bird is in a frantic state for no apparent reason.

This is what many people believe to be either bird night- frights or nightmares.

This is a debated subject as there is no real proof or study that suggests either could be true.

However, many bird owners believe it to be something that is happening. If your birds are suddenly awakened in the middle of the night and there is nothing there to disturb them, then maybe they are having night frights or nightmares.

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What do you think? Do you think your bird dreams? Do you think birds sing in their dreams or have nightmares or night frights? If you believe birds dream, what do you think they dream about?

It would be nice to be able to ask them if they dream, but life just isn’t made that way.

If birds do dream, I hope they are flying and eating all the seeds, pellets, and insects their little hearts desire.

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